Model Photography Best Of

The art of surfacing the beauty, the fire, the essence of the human spirit and ambition into a visual image. A most delectable sight for eyes both for the creator, the subject, and all of the many viewers who lay them upon what has been brought into fruition. The setting, the time, the angle, the […]

Wedding Photography Best Of

The Wedding; a most harrowing and magical experience a couple can experience in their lifetime. The somber scenes of beauty, the gatherings of loved ones, the seeming tranquility of all around but the unseen and connected universal energy of love that engulfs the pair into a bond unlike any other. On your wedding day, did […]

Event Photography Best Of

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Nature Photography Best Of

This page is currently under construction, an abundance of more content to come! All photos taken by Alexander Rea of Inspire to Aspire!

My Modeling Portfolio

Modeling Prints via Photoshoots I’ve had a history of having an absolute urge to be on camera. As an aspiring model today, I ponder many different ways to perform marvelous model shots and whom with to collaborate as a photographer for said shots. I have actually done much more fashion runway modeling than I have […]