AB+ Model Academy Open

AB+ Production model academy

AB+Production’s Model Academy

Learn the ropes of modeling, the modeling business, modeling etiquette, and more all in hands-on curriculum that will aid you in your embarkment into the industry. Along with invaluable training, students also receive professional grade print photos to complement their experience. Delve into educational photoshoots that simulate the real thing, learn confidence on camera, learn how you can make clothes become fashionable, how to use your angles and your expressions to your advantage. Study upon big names in the industry to learn how they began in similar roots.

AB+Production’s Modeling Academy is orchestrated by the renown Ada Bowman, an experienced model that performed internationally for a number of years. Her experience will rub off on any ambitious model eager to delve into the field. Assisting and photographing is Alexander Rea, as well as other hands in this marvelous program. The course goes through each Sunday of each Month, with slots open for 3 models for hands-on person-to-person instruction. We are beginning our official registration for the class now! Please visit our Academy Page for more details!