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Entry as of late June 2016

Inspire to Aspire is a strive to better oneself, the community, and the world. To see past what barriers may be in our way, either mentally or in life situations. Not just to see past them, but much higher up and with an aura of motivation to climb to the top. Inspire to Aspire’s website, nspiretoaspire.com (which you happen to currently be viewing) is a hub of this life force, as well as the hub of the before-mentioned bettering of the community and world. In that aspect, a marvelous way to assist is via PR, promoting the community and its people in some of the best ways I know. Since the internet, multimedia, and a silver tongue are of my specialties (among many others) I figure let’s do the best we can to make the best we can.
Photography, cinematography, web design, communication, infrastructure, IT security, project management, acting, modeling, directing, pop culture and many other specialties I have I feel need to be utilized in life for the good and will of helping others. One of the primary methods of that is through assisting my community and further abroad via these skills. Many businesses and upstarts could use such tasks to great assistance, and I am happy to oblige. I look forward to any future objectives and collaboration of such.

More regarding the motivational side of Inspire to Aspire; I believe life is far too short to not embark upon great endeavors and great journeys. Such seasoning of a soul is best done in an array of what in hindsight is life’s trick upon itself. To fall, to crash, to burn, but to get back up again. To lose friends, family, established relations and objectives, but to get back up again. Not just to get back up again, but to jump higher up than you did before. To look back at what you accomplished before and amusingly acknowledge that it was nowhere near as illustrious as what you have accomplished now; and for this cycle to repeat itself over, and over, and over again. I’ve not been around perhaps as long as a lot of people, but I have been through a considerable amount of trials, errors, victories, defeats, betrayals, befriendings, highs, lows, depressions, optimisms, storms and sunny days but the core never lost or weakened – to never give up. I wish to help other people who perhaps are also in a similar cycle or chain of events. Though I am a firm believer in that the best way to learn is through the hard way and by yourself, perhaps my writings on this site will be brushed off only to be recalled later after things have gone downhill, that your friends may have been right, that your family may have been right, that these articles may have been right, pertaining to what test of your soul you had just gone through.

This site, as of mid July, is relatively new. Less than a month old now, it is to see a great life of popularity, exposure, and of good service during its tenure on the internet. I don’t say maybe, I don’t say possibly, but it will as I will make it so. Popularity, exposure and good service to others and my community is something I’ve already tasted many times, but this shall be the official online hub. I look forward to what the future brings and I’ll give it all I can muster.



inspire to aspire founder Alexander rea

– Alexander Rea, Founder of Inspire to Aspire



Update Entry as of October 7, 2017….

Above is the original “About” testimony that I wrote for this website upon when I had first launched it, back in late June of 2016. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed. How much has happened, how many things and strives had been embarked upon, all the many different people, friends, and foes I’ve encountered. To me, I feel as though it has been ages since I wrote this article. I know truly that it has not been so long, and that I’ve come a long way in a short period of time. The past year has had its triumphs, its victories, but also a score of “defeats.” You may have noticed how I put “defeats” in quotations. I did this because I know they aren’t really defeats in the true sense of nomenclature. A true defeat is when you settle for defeat. I know that despite the horrific depressions and lusts for suicide, the contempt that arose from my conscience, the existential crises and inner rage, the supreme loneliness and despair, all of which occurred all too many times throughout the past year, I know and at least remember that through it all, surrender was never reached or considered to be settled for. Despite feeling that I’ve aged and lost my fire numerous times, I know I got back up numerous times and relit it full flame. Surrender is not in my nature. Despite how seemingly powerful the despair gripped me and my conscience off and on endlessly throughout this time, it will not define my destiny nor will it stop me. That is how I know I was not defeated and I never will be. For one, in each struggle, I learned something new, and grew. Even though at times I even came to the consideration that the pain and struggle no longer was enhancing me, I still flipped it around to make it worth my while. What are some examples of these triumphs over the malevolent and the inevitable despair that plagued me many fractions of this past year? Well, if you’ve been following this site you may have noticed a few things. For one, my photography skills have evolved and ranked exponentially higher than previously conceived. My web design skills are past professional rank. My business skills are immensely more sharpened and hardened. My time usage and personal maintenance have seen an abundance of revision, refitting, reconsidering, and many more changes. I still feel there are some pits and dark parts, but I know better now how to address them and overcome. My marketing abilities, my contact and client base, my experience, knowledge, skill, for strategic accomplishing of my ambitions are entirely more heavily and accurately refined. My modeling abilities are also under continuous refinement, and before long I shall be modeling in a new sense, never before seen type of power. Modeling is perhaps my most desired ambition, though everything else in my palette of talents and skills I am to use as a launch vehicle for that passion of being on the camera, being on the runway. For I will not settle. I have a bag of bargaining chip at life bigger than ever before. A deck of “Trump” cards, in a sense. Because not only have my skills of photography ranked past the professional level in only a year’s time from embarked upon experiences and trials, so have all my other abilities. I am more versatile and potent than ever, and only shall I improve. Before, when I had written the below previous “About” for this site, I was a very different person, but much has been consistent, only improving more and more. I had dreams, grandiose dreams, but I never recalled having a specific plan, or a particular strategy. I may have been less troubled in my mind as the experiences I embarked upon were new and grand, it was a new chapter. I was just pulling out of a previous dark age and shot to what I considered a pre-grandiose chapter of my life. But still, no solid strategy or financial scheme or many other structured plans. I don’t recall too vividly all of what I was like in the recent past, but I do recall that I often would omit sleep, omit food, omit all kinds of things that I believed I didn’t need. I since have changed. I know I can go without those sustaining factors, but I know now I’ll do better with the addition of them without any compromisation of my invincible constitution (or as what most call, “security” of conscience). I know not to overthink anymore, and that enhanced habits are key to excellent change and progress. I know I can do better exponentially than what I once considered my golden ages, that my peak is yet to be here, nor will it ever be here because until the day I die, I will never stop advancing my dreams. I wish to live forever, in more than just one sense of the word. So while I am to cut away and overcome the rest of troubles I’ve bore into over this past year, many of which were spurred from inadvertently hurting someone I cared about, who I had feelings for. It seems I learned that true despair is only when you let it in, and I made the mistake of letting it in some. I know how to repair it now though, and how to grow, like how I would grow from it before, but better. And now, I know how to accurately, strategically, and practically work towards leaving this place, this beautiful place that overlooks the Emerald Waters. Despite that physical beauty it has, I cannot wait to leave. I cannot stand the lack of opportunity, thus I had to and have to make the opportunity. I wish to go to New York, to Los Angeles, back over to Europe and to challenge the world in a new sense of victorious ambition. I know the progress I’ve made through the many despair-filled nights that I fought towards turning into flaming victories, all paid off, and they will pay off more. The future is what you make it, fate can be changed. I will not settle for less. I will not give up, and I will not ease into surrender or into surrender at all. I’m so, so very close now to becoming internationally nomadic, which is one of the next stages in my life adventure. Soon, I will be taking my works beyond the Emerald Coast, beyond the Southern Hemisphere, beyond this country and this continent, and in many senses, past this mortal existence. All the friends who left me, I am eternally glad you are gone. But, I do not hate you. I will not hate you. I love you, and wish you the best, but it is best you are away from me so that the chains of your cease of evolution do not slow down my ascension towards my dreams and grandeur. I say the same to the people who I once considered my enemy, but who I do not consider of that sense of the word any longer. And I wish them the same as well, the best and the most pleasant vibes. One can lose so much, but one can gain so much better. Life is too short I learned, even though it has not been long. Life is too short to hate, to waste time with what is petty or with what you despise doing. Life is too short to especially be a victim. Never, ever let the despair win. For the struggle and fight you will put up against it in pursuit of your ultimate dreams, will make you into a legend. And though I did not go into detail of what all the despairs were, many of the horrors that I’ve endured and encountered in the past year, although I did not give them the light of day to be acknowledged, they can be some other time, because they are important, yes. But what is more important to me? My dreams, happiness, love, love for humanity and the bettering of the world. The darkness of a story is still part of the story, and it has its place. But now, it’s time for even greater proceeds than before. It’s time to take all that has been grown and forged in struggle, to be components to the next greater voyages. “Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again, learn to live so free. When we hear the voices sing, the book of love will open up and let us in. We can take what is wrong and make it right.” – Mr. Mister

  • – Alexander Rea, Founder and Operator of Inspire to Aspire


Alexander Rea alongside Ionascu Cameilia in a September 2017 photoshoot