AB+Production New Years Celebration at Cuvée Kitchen

Scroll down to view gallery. Photographs by Alexander Rea of Inspire to Aspire!New Years at Cuvée Kitchen

AB+Production’s New Years Celebration at Cuvée Kitchen of Sandestin

Cuvée Kitchens illustrious and ritzy venue makes for an excellent venue for classy celebration. Decadent with white furnishings and serving exquisite cuisines and drinks, Cuvée Kitchen hosted AB+Production’s New Years party. As usual with AB+Production’s events, it was nothing short of excellent. Some rather renown members of the Emerald Coast’s entrepreneurial scene were in attendance, such as Sonia and Lucas Fenik of Active A Realty and Silvier Fenik Jewelry, Ewa Ruyan of Cuvée Kitchen, Sandy and Greg Buckley of Emerald Ladies Journal, Sandra Mercado-Myers of Coast2Coast Insurance Agency, and of course Ada and Brodie Bowman of AB+Production and Brodie Bowman Orthodontics as well as others such as model Marta Rata. Thank you to all the staff of Cuvée Kitchen and all who attended to make this New Years celebration one to remember!