Model Photography Best Of

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The art of surfacing the beauty, the fire, the essence of the human spirit and ambition into a visual image. A most delectable sight for eyes both for the creator, the subject, and all of the many viewers who lay them upon what has been brought into fruition. The setting, the time, the angle, the feel, the vibe, the passion, the energy emanating from the individual who has assumed the entity of model; all captured unto the lens and sensor of a camera. But first; captured into the eyes of the photographer, which was spawned in his or her mind well before the shutter was actuated. These photos are some of my best model shots of some most talented and beautiful individuals. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the passion, process and story to create them. In some ways I consider them essential components to my masterpieces. That’s why there’s so many of them, though I myself am more ambitioned to be a model than a model photographer. Though, it’s so nice to know just what to look for and what’s desired, from personal experience.

– Alexander Rea, photographer and founder of Inspire to Aspire